I have a Epiphone Special II that I really like, both for sentimental reasons (1st guitar) and for the neck/action/playability of it.

Instead of upgrading to a more expensive guitar, I was thinking of changing the pups to a Duncan APH-1 in the neck and SH-PG1 in the bridge. I play mostly clean, sometimes with light dirt (and sometimes, but rarer, with a lot of dirt).

Is this a 'good' idea? ie... would you do it?

Is it easy to change pups?? Never done it before. Is there a guide somewhere?

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Well, if it's a guitar you really like the playability of, I'd say keep it and throw in some good pickups. It's better to have a guitar you like the feel of that sounds good.

I'm not too versed on exactly which pickups are good though, so you might want to defer to someone else.

Now, I would assume changing them would be easy. I've never done it, but you basically take the strings off, take out the pickups, cut the wires, and wire the same wires together with the new pickup. It'll take some basic soldering skills, but tons of people do this easily.

Good luck!
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What I usually do is upgrade the pickups in the meantime, then once I get a guitar that can take the same pickups but has better build quality and tonewood, I switch the pickups between those two, so in the end (for example) an Epiphone has stock Gibson pickups and a Gibson has my set of pickups I really wanted. In the end, the original guitar ends up upgraded and the higher-end guitar is upgraded as well.

Of course, once you switch the pickups between the two guitars, the first one sounds worse again. It's not a perfect plan, but it works for me.
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