hey guys...
thanks for checking out the thread and hope you can help....

heres the dealio...

new acoustic guitar - i need one.

at the moment i am using a fender cd60 which is great, a vintage synergy bowl back guitar an ibanez talman.

i think its time i advanced and stopped spending all of my money on my electric guitars

i play ANYTHING from finger picking to jazz to acousta-metal... you get the idea
£400 to £750 is the budget
thanks again
i've heard very good things about faith guitars including the venus and the saturn. if you don't need cutaway, look into guild - the guild GAD series are some excellent all solid guitars. i find the guild GAD-30 to be a very versatile guitar - and there's both a mahogany version, which is probably more versatile and a rosewood version that is darker with more overtones. and it appears they have a cutaway version

if you're thinking of a dread, http://www.thomann.de/gb/guild_gad40ce.htm this one is very nice, and if you play anything, you might like the cutaway and electronics. i also like the guild GAD-25.

and last, i also recommend any all solid blueridge or eastman. i see they have some of each on thomann http://www.thomann.de/, and you can't go wrong with them - two great brands!
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hey thanks man,

i heard of guild before, never played one but have only ever heard positive comments on them.

i'll definately check them out and once again thanks
Take a look at Takamine acoustic/electrics with a cutaway. Since it sounds like you play lead lines and stuff, you will appreciate having access to the higher frets that the cutaway provides.

Takamines seem to fit metal/shredders well when they are looking for an acoustic to chill with. Plus you can plug it in, and Takamines are known for having good electronics in their acoustic/electrics.
I would go takamine if I were you I think. But damn that guild looks so nice! with solid back and sides and solid top ofc Try to go to a store and try different styles even though they dont have guilds or takamines, just so u get an idea.
And then buy on thomann for example

But I would go for spending the whole budget 700 pounds .... cause you know..

You get what ya pay for :P
at this price range i wouldn't go with a takamine over an all solid guitar. their laminate back and sides models aren't exceptional tonally, and their sound lags behind the guilds, eastmans, blueridges and epi masterbilts.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
lol I'm beginning to say the same stuff to people, but check out the the Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE. My brother has one and strums and plays leads and loves it. I also have two Masterbilts. You could save some money as they are around £400.

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