Ok guys, this might be a stupid question to some of you but I don't know much about ohms and stuff and i'm a little confused. It's for my bass amp but I figure that doesn't matter much, so I'm not posting this in the bass forum.

Right now i've got 2 cabinets: one gives 400W @ 8 ohms and the other 125W, also at 8 ohms. I'm thinking about buying the Gallien Krueger GT700RB-II. Here are the specifications (copied from Thomann): Bi-ampable, 480 watts + 75 watts into 4ohms, 320 watts + 50 watts into 8 ohms.

So, would it work if I played this head through my 2 cabs or would it ruin my gear? If it does ruin my gear, would you please be so kind as to explain why? I guess my 400W cab should be fine but it's my smaller one that I'm worried about.

Thanks in advance.