If you want me to be honest, no it does not. Your friend needs to not only improve his tone, but his playing.
Hey, now, you've already done this self-advertising bit in two other threads and it's a very bad idea. If you want real constructive criticism that's one thing, and sure, you can't be a guitar god from the beginning, but right now you're just coming across as some little douche kid desperately trying to boost his self esteem and failing.
This is not a good way to build up a rep.
People are going to be mean and pissy to you so I suggest being honest instead.
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...dont think im being mean or nothing but the tone isnt very...pleasing
also wouldnt hurt to work on making more melodic phrases
Hello birdie boy.
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Yeah, I use a Squier Strat.

You even spammed your own video with multiple accounts. This thread is also spam.
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I don't know how dumb you think the people of the Pit are, but I assure you, we're generally smarter than you seem to be.
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