Lately I've noticed a tonal hum/light ringing sound from my Ibanez RG550 shortly after I mute the strings or let go of a note.

I'm thinking these noises are coming from the spring mechanisms in the guitar. I recall hearing about this issue before, but I have never heard of any solution.

Does anybody know how to solve this noise problem without blocking the bridge?
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Non-ferrous springs??? If you invent them and make a mint of money you owe me a '70's SF Vibro Champ, or maybe a Princeton... I'll leave it up to you.


P.S. I guess you could shield the Pickup Cavities, and/or The Trem cavity.
You can put some foam between the trem springs and the body.
I actually like the sound the springs on my Original Floyd Rose make. Adds a reverb to the guitar. I don't think you can hear it through the amp though, but it does make my guitar louder than most electrics while unplugged.
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Take of the tremolo cavity cover and put some foam/tissues in there. It happens with every guitar that has tremolo springs, unless they've been replaced with noiseless springs (like FloydUpgrades sell)