Got my DKMG earlier today! I almost shot myself 5 times in the 4 hours it was out for delivery!

I dont get why people say its such a pain setting up a floyd the first time around, i didnt even use the guide, and i set it up for a gauge higher and everything turned out alright, my tuner gave me the most trouble

Haven't slept since wednesday night so i havent really played it, but from what ive noodled out of it, it plays Fanfuckingingtastic!
Never played a neck like it before, always my narrow schecter neck that has absolutely no room for vibrato

correct me if im wrong, but arent both pickups in the 81/85 set lettered in silver?
the neck pup has gold lettering, is it supposed to be a ZW 85?

I like the finish also, i just think it looks a little too artificial

one question i have though is would you be able to loosen the springs just enough to tune it to Eb?
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nice happy new guitar day

and to tune it to Eb youd have to set it up again for that
Looks like your paranoia was unwarranted lol. HNGD!

And yeah, I agree. The finish and top look artificial, but what the ****.
Nice guitar man.

Also, the 85 has gold lettering.
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i love the emg's, so full of life compared to the stock schecter pups, but thats a given haha
and they sound really good clean if you have your amp eq'd right
sweet guitar, i'm jealous. have fun with it!
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I love Jacksons, I also love EMGs.

Happy NGD.

Play the sh!t out of it!
HNGD! Pretty nice looking finish. I just got my first floyd equipped guitar recently, and I also didn't find it nearly as difficult to deal with as some would have you believe. Well worth it IMO for the tuning stability alone.
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