How many of you are sick and tired of Lady "Googoo" and all that other hip hop crap? bands or "artists" today in the mainstream "rock" today, well lets just be honest THEY SUCK!

I have read post after postings after looking up a 80's band and watching a video that many people are posting the same thing and that is TODAYS MUSIC SUCKS!

So I want to start an online band at first, record music (I have my own studio), I have the means to get it produced and released to the market and hopefully put the online band together as a group.

I don't want to reinvent the 80's music, but rework it to this new era.

I have read many 14-24yr olds saying they are listening to their parents CD's collections and wishing today's music sounded as good as it did in the 80's
I'm not talking about being a hair band either.

My influences are from:
The Psychedelic Furs (anyone want to here their best work? listen to their "Midnight to Midnight" album/cd

Billy Idol


Joan Jett (old Jett!)


Duran Duran/Andy Taylor/Power Station/Arcadia

I even like Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Metallica.

I like it all!

This is just to name a few just so you get an idea of my background.

I have Cakewalk Sonar 8.5, M-Audio 410, Ibanez guitar, Ibanez Bass, Korg X50.

I already have the bands name and domain name.
I have written the lyrics for the 1st CD release, and most of the 2nd one.

Need musicians who are interested in putting some material together, creating a new sound? want to put something out there? then contact me! lets get it going!

Musicians needed:

Drummer (prefered if you had a way to record and send files)
Bass Guitarist

let me know if interested
my email miketait99 at yahoo.com
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I can do Guitar... and even bass guitar if that is needed more..

I have an RP150 Guitar pedal which i can plug into my pc and record with that, although i dont have my power supply for it at the moment. I will need to wait a few weeks until i have the money for a new one.

About Me:
I am 16, live in England. My main guitar is an epiphone SG-400. My main influences are:

Alice Cooper,
David bowie,
Gary Moore,
Twisted Sister

and many more..

-PM me if your interested in me
Not to sound like an asshole, but I'm sure all the music you claim that sucks (Ie todays music), probably had the same 80's-influenced-intentions when they started their careers. At least I've read that Lady Gaga loves 80's music.
Mistabone- No, I haven't sent you an email, this laptop wasn't able to access windows live.

If you want some more info, I'll share some :P
Obviously, I play guitar. My influences range quite far, anyone from Hendrix, to Slash, To Brad Paisley, to Kirk Hammett.

I can record Hi-Def Videos with my Flip cam HD, and I can record MP3's with Garageband, and I also have Pro Tools 8, however, I can't figure out how to work any of it.
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Im Blake From Colorado, I can sing whatever your tryin to sound like. I used to be in a band until my guitarist got a baby.. Soo now we cant play. But im too serious about makin and playin music to waite for ENYBODY.. Soo i want to start something asap and be, and stay in whatever group im in till the end. I just cant waite for my guitarist, soo im moved on looking for a new project. Just message me asap and we'll talk about what kind of sound ur lookin for and all that shit. Take care. Blake Pedigo
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I can play bass, I don't have any recording equipment but using a mic and then using Audacity. My main bass is a Washburn T-24 with a Acoustic B200. My main influences are the Beatles, Coheed and Cambria and Muse.
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80s music is serious music? i thought you meant actually serious music, like art music. also, i know this isn't the time or place, but in 2020 people will look back at lady gaga and all that and think wow remember when music was [insert exactly what you say about 80s music here]. keep it in mind
Email sent.
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