I'm considering buying a pos 40 dollar guitar off amazon. I play fingerstyle with altered tunings, and pretty much every song I know/am learning utilize different tunings. So I'd like to have a guitar on the side that has some separate tuning for when I feel like switching up what I'm doing at the second.

But I'm a lefty... I found a 40 dollar guitar for righties and a 80 for lefties. And I don't care much about sound. So I'm considering just buying the right handed guitar and swapping the strings. The strings won't fit the grooves on either end, but I don't mind too much about slightly off sound.

But I don't know just how off it will sound. Anybody think this process will work?
ive done it
not too bad sound form the flippage actually might have strong bass and thin treble
I've done that with a few guitars, it works ok, the bridge saddles just barely get to the right intonation. The nut is usually the problem, I tried cutting new nuts myself but that turned out buzzy as hell, took em into a shop and got it fixed and its much less buzzy now. My acoustic cost me 40 dollars to flip from the local shop, did the electric myself but the new nut cost 15