As the title says, i cant bend my 22 fret on the high E without it fretting out and not making a noise after its bent. What wouldcause this? and how would i this?
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My guitar is an Ibanez Xiphos and it says that it has a 400mmR radius
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^The action would only affect it if the guitar has 24 frets. If its a 22 fret neck, it can't be fretting out.

If you have 24 frets, then you probably have the action too low. If there are only 22 frets, either you're letting the string lift slightly as you bend it or it may be your fingers touching the B string.
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24 would be affected by too low action if you're bending at the 22nd, but if you only have 22 frets, there is nothing for the string to fret out on if you're bending at the 22nd.
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ahh i realize how stupid my question was when read 24 in your reply lol

I was gonna ask the same thing. I thought he was saying that only guitars with 24 frets can fret out, and I just woke up so I was like "awww yehhhh, that makes sense."
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Actually you can fix that by raising the action but really it sounds like your 22nd fret is worn down to the point that its lower that the 24th. look on the Ibanez website and they have all the neck dimentions on there. If the fretboard as one set radius and not a compound then that could be the problem as well. Or even a combionation of the two.