I have been playing for 2 years and I want to buy a new electric guitar (currently playing on an excuse for an electric) and I'm looking at the current Fender Stratocasters, as many of my musical influences have played on it and I like the sound. I'm just kinda curious on some general knowledge about the current models compared to past models? I don't know too much when it comes to specifics, so any other things I might want to know before shelling out $500 for a guitar would be insightful. Thanks!
for $500 i assume that your talking about the mexi standard. there are pretty good ones but you really need to try alot out to get a really good one.
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The few ive played have all been really solid. But as stated above, test a few out to get a better one
i think their pretty good guitars
try some out though as have been mentioned before
The quality of Mexican made Fenders has really increased in recent years. They're most usually a solid bet.
I have a MIM Tele and Strat. Both are really good guitars. I have mine modded up pretty good, but they are decent right out of the box. Only part I find that needs to go ASAP with the MIM's is the nut. Both of mine had crap nut's. But that is a cheap and easy fix.
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I've couple of MIM strats they're great but you need to try them out before buying since some are absolute crap.
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I have a MiM strat but it's got some mods. New...

Locking Tuners

I would definitely suggest Locking tuners and a new nut. Those helped a lot. But right outta the box it sounded fine to me, I've just had it for 2 years now
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If you look used, you might be able to find some older ones, the newer ones are good, but it doesn't hurt to get an older one...I got my 97' American standard in perfect condition for $600....It was new old stock as well
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The ones I've tried have been solid. The MIM Standards are still budget guitars, but damn good ones. As always, try a couple of them if it's possible - this applies to most guitars and is really only common sense.
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go for a used american strat if possible, but the MiM stuff is pretty good, i bought a new MiM tele direct from the factory in august and it arrived perfectly, and i havent changed anything on it yet
Save up for an USA American Standard Strat is what I did.
I don't regret it.

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