Hello, I'm a member of the band The Gibby Hibbies, just thought it would be nice to get some feedback from people, as well as some free promotion!

You can view some of our songs here (If you want to stay local to UG):

we also have videos of a "Monday Night Live" (Hosted by a local Collage Radio Station [KVSC]) on YouTube:

and our personal band website:
70's Japan Greco SuperPower
Amps: '65 TRRI - Peavey Classic 50 4x10 - Epiphone VJ Head (Modded) - 2x12 Celestion Greenback Cab
FX: BK Tube Driver - EH Small Stone - MXR CC
Acoustics: Breedlove ADSM20 - Alveraz 5021 12-String
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