I Have a POD HD500 i use it in mixcraft 5 on a Laptop and do that "monitor recording" so i can hear what i am doing when i record, but i get this really...breathy(not loud ringing or anything but buzzing and breathy like a tube amp) feedback Except when i face my guitar at a certain angle(lets say the laptop is 12:00 i have to face precisely at 4:00) of my laptop, then it reduces the feedback to the lowest it can go(still a little feedback). im wondering why does it do this? my guitar is a BC Rich with EMG knock-off BC rich pickups. any ideas? ive tried reducing gain it makes it a little better but if i want it completely gone, the amp would be at a 1% gain clean like setting.
your pickups are picking it up. if you turn your volume up on your computer/ speakers then it'll feedback more.

use headphones if it bothers you.
the feedback/noise you're experiencing is likely coming from electrical interference coming from your laptop.

To find if this is the case, you can experiment by getting your laptop to do something intensive with the harddrive (like a virus scan or HDD defrag), and then you'll probably hear HDD activity, and other noises, thru the pickups with your high gain tone.

In my experience, I've always found laptops were kind of a pain to record gainy guitars, due to the fact they're not really electronically shielded (I've just always seemed to have better luck with desktops).

You can remedy the situation a bit by getting your own guitar shielded (easy DIY project, google it up). Good quality cables will help a bit too.
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