Hey. So tomorrow morning I am going to be getting one of two Peavey basses I tried out the other day and am asking you guys to help me decide. I play all genres of music. Here are the two and and some pros and cons of each while I was playing them.

Peavey Grind BXP 4-string:

-thin neck
-great and versitile sound
-humbuckers have a well balanced, full sound
-very light weight
-neck through

-wasnt to keen on the body shape at first

Peavey Zodiac DE Scorpio (David Ellefson Signature)

-looks badass
-good sound
-discontinued now so it might be worth something in a few years
-Seymour Duncan/Basslines pickups
-Bolt-on neck

-quite a bit heavier than the Grind
-P/J pickup config sounded really bright compared to the rounded sound of the humbuckers (but that might just be my ear)
-felt neck heavy when I was sitting down

as you see.....some reason the looks play a large roll in this for me. I love the finish on the grind and dont overly mind the body shape anymore but the Scorpio looks like a true rock bass if you know what I mean. Which brings me to my second worry, the scorpio seems like it is not as versitile as the grind and it seems very bright sounding even with the J pickup all the way off. I'm also concerned that the scorpio might be a one-trick pony. but long story short this is my situation and any input is appreciated.
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go with the peavey grind. unless your paying over $700 to over $1000 dont buy a signature guitar or bass. Most of the time they are of less quality. The paint and look of the guitar are the only good parts.

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You should get the one you like the most, but here are a few things to consider in favor of the Zodiac DE: First, if you don't like the sound of the pickups, you can easily swap them out. There are hundreds of replacement Precision and Jazz pickups out there, whereas with the Grind, the Peavey humbuckers are unique. You might have a very hard time finding a drop-in replacement if you one day decide to swap them out. Second, a bolt-neck bass is a lot easier to work on if you ever have a serious problem with the neck. If you have a neck-through, any serious repairs are a major headache (and expense). Third, in many cases that extra weight can translate to a strong punch, more sustain and better low end. Finally, I've seen the Zodiac DE for sale at very attractive prices.

That having been said, either one should serve you well for a long time. Get the one you like best.
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His Jackson Concert Bass isn't much to look at, either. I'm not sure why he went back to Jackson. He'd been with Peavey for a very long time.

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Go with the first one. Neck-thru guitars are just nice to have period, and according to you there are fewer cons to getting that one

I'm not going to regurgitate exactly what I've recently said in another thread, but neck-through/bolt-on makes very little difference at all - don't let that influence your decision when making a purchase.

Personally I'd go with the grind. It's likely to be more versatile, as you've picked up on. Plus, I just couldn't own a signature model (this is just my preference, however). If you feel you're likely to have problems with the second one because of neck dive etc, I'd go with the grind. Things like that can put you off an instrument over time, regardless of how it looks/sounds. People overlook comfort and practicality too often.
Personally I would go for the Scorpio...

No one can make the decision for you though, you need to sit down both for half an hour and play them against each other and then make a decision on which you really want. Peavey make good stuff so you won't lose out with either bass.
Hey guys. I ended up picking the scorpio. I tried it with a strap and it's really no heavier than a p-bass and there is actually NO NECK DIVE!. In short, it is extremely similar to a P-bass Deluxe....which is what I was looking for. I found the bass to be extremely versatile after all (just got done playing some Duran Duran songs on it ).

While the other bass was lighter, it felt almost too light if you get my drift. The scorpio costed a bit more but I feel it was worth it. Thanks for all your input guys!