I have about $500 to spend and I've been playing for about a year-and-a-half now, I want a new electric guitar. I'm looking at Fender Strats (my influences being Jimi, Vaughan, Mayer; to name a few) plus I like the sound of them. I just wanted some feedback as I'm only 18 and its a big purchase for me and I haven't really been around to play tons of different guitars. I want to have something basically between the cheap amateur crap and the professional line guitars, as I hope to use it for awhile. Thanks in advance.

Maybe one of the 'higher end' fender squires? I have a Westfeild LP copy that cost me £235 and it's absolutely amazing. I genuinely prefer it to most of the guitars (some costing up from £2,000 which I have no hope in affording in the near future!) I've played in shops lately. What i'm saying is, squires; particularly the slightly higher end ones are really great for the money you pay.

Yeah, the second guitar is a big step for anyone. The Westfeild I have now was a gift and it is the only electric guitar i've ever owned from new, except for a bass. But i'm shopping for my first 'self-bought' guitar at the moment, i'm looking at the lower end Fender Strats at the moment, around £450-£500. Big choices to be made.

Best of luck with it!

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how about the fender blacktop series?

I don't think he's looking for a humbucker tone.

For $500 you can get the MIM Standard Strat: http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Solid-Body-Electric-Guitars/Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar.site1prod501158.product
It's a great guitar, maybe later you can upgrade the pickups if you want to.
If you're willing to go used maybe you can score a MIA strat for $500.

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