So this is my newest little tune. I found these 3 strange vocal clips included with the Vengeance House Kits Vol.2. I thought "dude, I can make a song with those". So I did!

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Concrete Jungle
Sounds like it's produced pretty well, I'm not sure if it's my laptop speakers, but the highhats (closed ones) sound just a titch too loud. I dig the sampling, and that little wah sound (I hope you know what I mean). Also the overdriven guitar that comes in could be turned up just a bit.

Pretty nifty little techo song ya got there, I enjoyed it, thanks!

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I'll crit as i listen

cool voice sample. nice effects. great feel.. just as i was hoping for a change it happened! love the half time feel there. im digging the bass and synth. here's the cool voice sample again. guitar solo came in a little weird.. little too much reverb on the guitar. you could bring up the volume on it too. it almost didn't seem in time or something. or perhaps i'm just not feeling it right.

Awesome! I've been digging house a lot lately. Maybe do something with the guitar solo.. Other than that great tune!

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Thanks you guys! Yeah I have a bad habit of using too much verb lol. Looking closer, the hi-hats are indeed a little loud.