So I've been going through my gear and I rounded up all the stuff I don't use anymore. I figured I'd put it up here for sale to see if anyone here could use it. This is going to be a long post, sorry guys.


Dragonfire 81c bridge pickup - $20 shipped
-I had it in my guitar a short while and decided that active's weren't for me. Works great.

1 Bridge Zebra and 1 Neck Zebra (stock from Dean MLx) - $15 shipped
-Not the greatest or the hottest pickups ever but they work and could work in a pinch if you need a pair of pups.


Behringer TU300 - $15 shipped
-Works great. It is missing the faceplate but still works perfectly well. I also attached velcro to the bottom so it could go on my board.

1-button footswitch - $20 shipped
-Bought this for switching the chorus on and off on my Ampeg VH-140c but then the chorus died on the amp and I never bothered to get it fixed. 1/4 inch plug. Great condition. Goes for $30 on eBay after shipping.

Rocktron RFS2- $15 shipped
-Bought this for use with my Rocktron v80r amp. Works fine.


2 SLM electronics 16ohm speakers - $50 shipped
-Came out of my Ampeg V-4 cabinet. I believe they are 50 watts a piece but I'm not 100% sure. They work fine, I just replaced them and have no need for them anymore.

Randall speaker - $35 shipped
-This one I don't have many details about. I know it's 100 watts but I'm not sure on the ohmage. I can go to my friends house and get that checked however. Was in one of the RG series cabinets I believe. Great for metal.


I think that's everything.

I can supply pictures to all of the above mentioned items, just ask for them.

As far as payment goes, I do accept Paypal.

I am open to trades. I'm interested in either a Korg pitchblack tuner pedal or the Planet Waves tuner pedal. I could also use more instrument and speaker cables as you can never have enough. Really when it comes to trades, just offer what you have.

All the prices including shipping are US only! I will ship overseas but it will cost a little more. I can also ship multiple items so we can work out a deal if this is the case.

Feel free to comment on the thread here or PM me. You can also e-mail me at dx0731@wayne.edu.

Thanks for looking!
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