Quality wise, this sounds horrendous. I'm using a Rockband mic through Mixcraft, and it picks up so much background noise so I have to compress everything and all of this madness so it comes out sounding very sloshy and mushy and just uhg. I'm working on getting better equipment.

So please try to ignore that, and just focus on the music. I'm working on improving my vocals, and so far I think I'm making good progress. It would be awesome if someone could give me some specific pointers on what or what not to do.

Oh, and C4C.
I could not hear the vocals at all. I have a place in my heart for lo-fi stuff, so that didn't bug me too much.

I just couldn't hear the vocals! The tiny bit I was hearing sounded a bit off key, so you may want to work on that. Make sure to keep a constant tempo as well, you may want to setup a click-track when you do some real serious recording (It's also good to practice with one).

Keep it up man, remember it doesn't take lots of fancy equipment to make a good record.

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for the record, there are some super easy ways to removing all the background noise without taking anything away from the sound.
but like 99% of daws don't have the simple method.

guitar sounds fine really. nothing too interesting. but nothing bad.
the parts where it got louder were probably to present more power but the way it was done gave them too much of an increase. when it comes to low quality recordings like this, I'd say to just keep the volume around the same throughout.

the composition left me rather bored. having some different layers throughout could keep things more interesting.

as for the vocals.
well. to be honest, the vocals are pretty poor.
your notes are shaky and it all sounds uncomfortable. the way you carry your notes out just sounds very weak and your actual pitch is all over the place.

all I can say is practice. and by practice I don't mean singing to the radio. ;D learn the notes for exactly what they are. use an instrument to guide your voice to what's accurate. look into different styles and singing methods and work at getting a developed sound.

if you're serious about recording at all then get a decent interface and mic.
if you know where to look, then you get a new Audio Technica 2020 for about 65 dollars. and the cheapest but effective interface (with phantom power) I know of would be the M Audio Fast Track MK2 which runs for like 100 dollars new.
which is quite a low price for getting good quality audio. a condenser like the 2020 would pick up your vocals and acoustic guitar great.

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