I'm working on becoming an online guitar equipment distributer. This is going to require a huge investment of time and finances. I'm a college student and am really doing this more for the experience than the money, and to provide boutique effects to the guitar community.

Anyway, before I embark on this business venture, I need to know what pedals to market and if anyone would even be interested in ordering from this site. I'm planning on setting the prices as low as I can while covering costs, and as I said, am really doing this to provide people a more concise source for purchasing quality effects.

If nobody is interested then there's really no reason for me to do it, but if people would use it then I think it could be beneficial.
i think you have kind of already been beaten to the idea... tonefactor.com does EXACTLY what you want to do.
if you could get me a line 6 pod hd500 somewhat cheaper than the 500 everyone is charging and give me a good return/replacement policy, i might be interested.

overall i tihnk the whole thing probably isn't a good idea. people buy from musiciansfriend, PGS, thomann, etc because they are trusted names with years of experience and good reviews. you won't have that backing, and as a college student it will be hard to put in the time and money necessary to actually build yourself a good name
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i think you have kind of already been beaten to the idea... tonefactor.com does EXACTLY what you want to do.

Definitely not saying it hasn't been done, but the cheesburger has been done thousands of times, and that doesn't stop people from coming up with new ways to do it.
Can you guys think of anything that you would like to see done?

I really don't need the money as ridiculous as that may sound, I'm just not in a position for that to be my focus, I'm looking to have a positive business experience and maybe do something that would be useful in the music community.
I think this would be a big mistake. There are all ready site out there like Pedal geek and pedalsplus effect warehouse that cater to basically just pedals and carry all the brands that the big boys don't.

If you'll notice, all of these places sell the pedals for basically the same price. If they could be sold cheaper, why wouldn't someone have done that before?

Now if you live in good area where you could open a mom and pop and stock all these boutique pedals, so people can actually try before they buy, instead of basing thier decision on youtube vids, then that might be cool. I know in my area, I have 2 mom and pops and a Sam Ash and they basically don't carry anything except Boss, Digitech, MXR, Danlectro and Behringer, none of which I am interested in.

But online only? You'll be the new guy on the block amongst a huge number of stores that are exactly the same, with exact same prices, and with an all ready established cliental and reputation.
I only really tend to look at sites that carry 'interesting'/rare/higher-end pedals.

I don't mind if they have a Boss page but I hate browsing through really commercial websites with offers plastered everywhere.

In terms of the best website I've seen for a guitar-stuff seller PGS is the most accessible, clean and least annoying.

Also good used sections are a good idea.

Separate out the actual offers from the main pages so you can flick through the discounts.
You need something to set you apart from the other sites that deal specifically in boutique/lesser known pedals. Since the majority of them are competitively priced, cheap shipping, and carry a huge selection there aint much room.

Unless you start specifically catering to the people that cant get access to these sites easily. Offering good deals for overseas shipping (Make sure you mark down the prices to avoid tax as well.)
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Separate out the actual offers from the main pages so you can flick through the discounts.


If I'm looking online, there's a good chance that (as long as the sites are all pretty reputable, I mean I'm not going to buy from someone I suspect of trying to scam me to save $5) price will be the deciding factor.

That being the case, I don't really much want to flick through 10 pages from each retailer all telling me that they sell the products I want for exactly the same price. Or, if I am on the lookout for a deal, I don't want to flick through 10 pages of stuff at normal prices to find the 2 things which are on special offer.
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Also, should've mentioned before, I don't think this is a particularly good idea.

What might be a better venture is buying up good used pedals and trading them. If you build up a reputation and are able to ship internationally that would be a good business. Other than the general trading sites I'm not aware of a site specifically for used pedals. Might be a niche in the market. Might be a niche in the market for a reason, who knows.

You could probably find a lot of business from users of this site alone if you build up a good reputation (both when buying and selling). People who use the Gear Ads here would treat you as a good first point of call.
Sorry to sink your battleship, but like everybody else says, not a good idea. There is so much competition in the market and those companies are reputable, experienced and established that you have a very slim chance of even surviving in the market.

If you can get me a Diamond Nitrox for £100 or less I'd be happy though. Make a HUGE saving there.
you competition will also be buying a bulk, and have discounts based on annual product shifted for each brand. making their prices cheaper as their base cost is lower also.

your new and have no real sway in bargaining a per unit discount, although your overhead costs will be lower id imagine, i don't see this balancing out. So your ability to compete in an online market is quite a challenge.