First of all my name is Xavo, 22.
I studied music theory and i can consider myself a good bass player
I play a 6 string bass guitar Ibanez BTB

My influences are:
Animals as Leaders, Scar Symmetry, Symphony X, Blotted Science, Spastic Ink, Planet X, Andromeda, Ayreon, Gordian Knot, Necrophagist, The Faceless, and of course Dream Theater, LTE, King Crimson.

Please, i just want serious people who won't take this as a "hobby".

Hey man, im a guitarist and you can check my stuff. is's progressive but mostly psycho metal (that's what i call it )
the link is in my sig
if you're interested just drop me a line.

also i'll try and contact this other dude from here wanting to do some tracks. a drummer
The fact you mentioned Andromeda has me very interested indeed. You've got some awesome influences there. I'm a guitarist, 24-years-old, been playing nine years, looking for a Prog Metal band. Only problem is I'm currently in Germany, but am interested in heading over the pond to the US (or I guess Mexico in your case), and a band would definitely give me a good starting point.

I know that's not really anything to go by right now, but check out my profile and if you like what you see feel free to send me a message, see if maybe anything can come from it?
@prog metal head. Awesome !! i see we have some similar music taste. And actually that's why i want to make an online band, usually in an online band people work with tabs, charts or/and audio files. I also want to move to germany 'cause i have some friends over there and is easier to find more metal gigs.
Do u have any demo i can listen dude ?? i sent my email adress to your profile