I wrote this piece for my girlfriend and i would love some thoughts before i present it to her. This piece is supposed to capture my emotions and feelings towards her.. Cheesy, i know, but what can i say I recorded this all in Reaper using EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Colossus. Thanks!
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sounds pretty good overall.

the strings tone at 0:38ish doesn't sound too fabulous. but the ones at 0:56 sound a lot better. swapping the first set of strings out for a better patch might do it good.

at around 1:00 the song starts getting this big choppy sound to it. no idea what it is or if it was intentional but it doesn't sound good.
it sounds like room noise recorded from a low quality microphone.
it comes back in some other parts of the track.
if you were trying to record wind with a microphone or something, then it wasn't really done right. you'd be better off finding a royalty free .wav of wind sounds online.

1:30 - the piano is too high above the mix. lower it back in there.

other than the things above, it came out pretty great. nice work.
but you should probably change the title.
Thanks for the reply. At 0:38 i was using a cello patch and at 0:56 was a violin patch. I'll see what i can do there. I have no idea what you mean by the choppy sound at 1:00? I don't hear any choppiness.. I haven't made any wind noise, either. I'll try listening to this through my monitors later. And yeah i agree the piano is a little loud there.. And i think the title suits my intentions for the piece.
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Holy crap. That's was great! I agree with what TechnicolorType said however, I'm not hearing the choppiness either.

The EWQL stuff is insanely good too. Sounds like an epic film score!
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Well that was a very pleasant surprise.
*Starts applauding*
No really. That song is beautiful in all possible aspects.
I too use EWQL and Collosus but I suck at mixing the sounds. Also I can't get the articulations to sound nearly as good.
But leaving the technical aspects aside (Which are great) the song is pure genius. And I'm not the overly excitable music fan. This is an authentically heartwarming song.
You sir are truly talented.
I take my hat off to you.
Wow, that's a good composition, lovely ! Great spacy orchestral sounds, and the piano is really nice as well.
I think I have to get the same tools for making music..
We are into the same things, my latest attempt to make instrumental music is here :

Done with cheap vst's..and eazy drummer..the reverb is helping out a lot..it's a TC M-30.

Good work, be proud !
CSMusic: Thanks!

LunyAlex: Wow thanks haha. Yeah they both take some practice to get it to sound how you want.. But it's worth it

Damocles: Thanks! Yeah they are both very good products. I'll be sure to check out your piece
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Great song!
Is the Piano a real piano or not? I cant decide myself.
I think all strings in this song is great! I've watched both full orchestras and chamber orchestras live many times and it sounds as close as I think you'll get without the real deal.
I also love how the piano and strings play together in this tune, I don't see why you should change anything before presenting this to your girlfriend!

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Listening with headphones: I think T.T. is commenting on the kettle drums (?). When they are at low volume, they sound like unwanted extraneous noise at times (at around 1:00). Not sure if you can get a better drum sound. Otherwise, I think it sounds very good! This should be a hit with her! All of the sounds (except perhaps the drums) sound high quality to me. Please review my music at this link:

ErikES: Thanks! It's a sampled piano lol so i guess it technically is real

aaron: Thanks! Yeah i just tried listening to it at a low volume with headphones and you're right. It's just a bass drum, by the way. On one of the rolls it did sound like i was blowing into the mic haha.
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As someone who works with orchestral samples a lot in my own music, I feel like your individual instruments should sound more unique. You said you switched from a cello to a violin, but I didn't hear enough difference there to tell. Try giving the cello more low end, and possibly transposing it down an octave to really get the cello sound I think you're going for. The bass drum at around 1:00 that you talked about still sounds like either wind or clipping to me, I'd fix that. Other than that, though, I really like the song, and I think she'll like it too

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1422425