Hello habitants of R&R.
I'm going to make this plain and simple rather than my usual Essay responses which tend to get ignored...

NOTE: Insert "please" wherever it is suitable. That includes before "insert".

Reccomend a good free 20+ Band EQ VST.
I found one that was either 18 or 24 band but I lost it. Different computer now.
I've Google searched for quite a while. Preferably, I'd like a 31 or 32 band EQ.

Also, while you're here:
Amp Emulators. Can you reccomend me some?

It kills me to have to type such a short post...

Thanks in advance,
..I was watching my death.
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Awesome! Thanks!
I'll be sure to try them out tomorrow. Currently working in Cubase right now so I can't add VST's.
..I was watching my death.
I've gotta ask, why do you need a 20+ band EQ for mixing? Most of the time, an EQ like that is better suited for a live situation
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