First off this is well recorded- it sounded polished and will be very nice once you get the vocals over it. The main verse riff is begging for some growls. I think the composition as a whole works well but I would add in more variations- there a lot of sludgy chord based riffs which are good but I think at some point you need something that cuts through a bit and grabs your attention. Having said that, the bit at 2.45 is a good change. I would add palm muting to certain parts to make it punchier. Those are all fairly minor concerns though, as a whole it is good and look forward to hearing the vocals.

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Thanks for my first review from Romania! "Darkspawn": yes, it sounds like it could use some vocals, but otherwise sounds very good! I would say the guitar playing is tight (except could be tighter at 1:05 and similar). Perhaps you could do a guitar volume-swell at 1:05. Drums and all audio quality are very good. I like the guitar string-bending! I prefer non-screamo/non-growling vocals myself, though the song does need some aggressive vocals. Rock on!
Sounds like you have a grasp of performing, arranging, recording, and mastering. The track was very clean and all the instruments have their own place in your mix. The only advice I can offer is to maybe put some cymbals (hihat, ride, maybe even crash) in some parts of your verses to give them a little differentiation between themselves. But it's a very consistent song and does need some powerful vocals.

If you've got some time, please give one of my songs a listen in my UG profile. I'm always trying to get feedback so I can improve my mixes little by little.