Hey guys,

A few months ago, I brought a Sheridan A200 Right-Handed Les Paul.
Apparently, the strings that were installed are standard, however I cannot get in touch with the guy who sold it to me.
Does anyone have any idea what these strings could be?

Thanks in advance,
My blind guess...

D'Addario EXL140 XL Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings

Do they have the multi-colored string hoops?

(like in the bottom picture?)
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Nope, just standard silvery-grey all through.
I was thinking that they were some kind of Ernie Ball Super Slinky's (as I have played with these on my cousin's Les Paul).

Thanks for the reply BurstBucker.
I would definitely like to get the replace them with the same set of strings, whenever I play someone else's guitar I think, ''My strings feel a lot smoother''.
I don't own any calipers myself, however my dad may have a pair.
How does the thickness of the string relate to the gauge? Is it as simple as:
.11 Gauge = 1.1mm ?
Or is there any calculations?
Measuring both the top and bottom string would be the easiest way
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All of them. Might be a mixed set or the person bought single strings.

Check and repeat a couple of times on each string because we are talking tiny measurements so it's best to check.

When people refer to the gauge in short hand "11 gauge" or "10 gauge" what they really mean is that the high E is 0.011" or 0.010" thick, and that the set is standard (so the other strings all follow what has become the industry standard thickness). If they're anything other than the standard they will specify like skinny top/heavy bottom OR with a wound G string or something like that.