I just replaced pickups on my Aria STG-007 (a Stratocaster copy with 2 single coils and a humbucker with a coil tap) with Duncan Designed two SC-101 single coils and an HB-103 humbucker. The humbucker works fine and coil tapping works. But the single coils give almost no signal at all.

The SC-101 single coils have 3 wires and the original pickups had 2. I tried different setups with the wires but none of them helped. I draw a picture to show how I wired it.
In the picture the two green circles next to the tone pots are capasitors.

So what's wrong?

Thanks in advance!
those 3-wire pups are supposed to be wired like this :
red and ground twisted together- white hooked to the switch.
ground your red wires and you'll be fine.
disclaimer : on your particular pups, the red and white may be reversed from what I have experience with. If you get output, but they're shrill, try reversing the red and white.
Best of luck with it.
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That's it. It works now. And the red and white indeed should be reversed to reduce humming (At least that's what I think after testing).

Thanks a lot for helping!