I got a used electric guitar a while back, to only, recently understand they had rather AWsome string put on ( well atleast for me ) Its been 4months since i got the guitar and god know how much till then it had those string put on & they are still going strong, no rust, no oxydation no fret marks, nothing.

I dont know the gauge seems like regular 10ths, theyr white metallic (possibly chrome/nikkel ? ) the interesting part about them is that the little balls the pegs or how theyr called, the ones sitting in the bridge are all collored diffrently,
metallic high E
violet B
green G
dark blue D
brown A
yellow E

I never had this kind of string, anyone know what brand theyr possibly from ?
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D'addario perhaps?
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What these guys all said .
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yup D'addario for sure.
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Waste of time me posting, but what the hell, just to reiterate what everybody else has said...Yes, they are D'Addario's.

Ball-end colour differences if they are the .10 set you talk of.
D'Addario .10s.

At first I thought you meant that the STRINGS were colored differently. Then I would've said DR.

But they're D'Addario .10s.

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