Does anyone know what kind of bridge this is? I know it is an adjustable wraparound piece, but I'm look for some specifics (brand, quality, etc.). I've checked every online guitar shop I know, and I still haven't been able to figure it out.
Thanks for the help!

The image is in the third post.
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i think it's a wilkinson. Made by gotoh. Though there might be cheaper versions not made by gotoh (not certain).

I have one with the one adjustable saddle. Very nice. (though like most bridges like that, the two big screws it sits on can dig into your wrist if you're not careful).

EDIT: yeah there does seem to be a cheaper version, though it looks a bit different. Yours (assuming that's yours in the pic) looks like the gotoh real-deal one.

http://www.jhs.co.uk/wilkinson.html (cheaper ones- still probably not bad, but not as nice as the MIJ gotoh ones. scroll down a bit to see it, it won't let me link to the specific bridge)

http://www.g-gotoh.com/product.php?id_product=206 there's the real deal one, like yours.
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