disclaimer: sorry for the wall of text, but the sticky said I needed an in depth review. pics attached

kinda delayed, but yesterday I made the decision that I never really felt like my ibanez RG was right for me, and I sold it off for probably less than half it was really worth in order to obtain the funding to buy a new strat (actually there was a used deluxe players strat I saw online, but the store sold it before I got there unfortunately). I also, unfortunately, had to drop an extra $100 as well as the ibanez, which kinda makes it not nearly worth it, but I *really* wanted a strat for a long time now, and so far I honestly feel like it feels a lot nicer in my hands than the ibanez did, so I dont regret it.

either way this was a rather unorthodox guitar purchase for me, as it was actually the first strat I picked up off the wall. I havent really been able to test her yet, because my amps back at college and im home for the last day of spring break, but she seems to play pretty well and sound pretty good, the trem doesnt take her horribly out of tune, and the setup, fit, and finish seem pretty nice.

overall Im fairly impressed with the quality of it, and I expected less out of a MIM, but really all it needs is a pickup swap, and even that isnt entirely necessary, they certainly arent the worst pickups Ive ever played through. im debating on getting a humbucker for the bridge and splitting it or getting a set of nice singles from GFS in the next month or so.

the action isnt anything amazing, but it does play really well. I can play pretty fast on the neck, probably faster than on the wizard actually, just because I feel like the neck is a lot more comfortable. Its actually got a decent trem block and the bridge itself feels pretty sturdy, a lot better than some squiers and copies out there. I will say the grain isnt the best, its a sunburst strat

Obviously plugged in she sounds like a strat, and theres some good tone and volume unplugged too. I really cant describe it more yet though because I dont have an amp at home and I havent had a chance to really get to know it yet.

overall though, im very impressed, especially for the price range these guitars are in. it feels a LOT nicer than anything in the same range from a lot of competitors. it actually feels like a solid instrument to me. I always prejudged these guitars but I guess I never really gave them a chance. Hopefully I continue to really like this guitar as much as I do now, because it seriously was the first (and only) strat I bothered to pick up on this last trip out, but it seems to play really well and sounds like a strat, so I guess theres nothing I can really complain about. hopefully I enjoy the guitar enough to make selling the RG770dx actually worth it in some way. I know a lot of you guys will probably want to kick me in the teeth for making that kinda deal :P.
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HNGD! I've been mulling over getting a MIM strat for a long time. Not sure which model I like best though.
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Happy NGD! I picked up a MIM Strat a few months ago also. It does what I need it to do, sounds decent ad I got it when GC was offering a free hard shell case. Enough about my sh*t. Enjoy and again Happy NGD!
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Happy NGD man! I have a Classic 50's MIM in Surf Green, one of the only Strats I could find in that colour..

For the price, it's awesome, really love mine. Hope you enjoy it man!