My son dragged this old thing home years
ago. I never got rid of it. It has no name or
serial number.

I replaced the pick-ups, bridge, saddle and
electronics. I set it up and it is an OK ax.

I always wondered what it was,

It looks like someone varnished the fret

Thanks for any responses,

it's copy of a gibson les paul, either a custom build someone did or a fake made by far east manufacturers. it looks smexy though
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les paul jnr copy
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Definately a les paul weather its a copy or not i dont know. Judging from the varnish on the fretboad i'd say someone probably sanded off the finish and put a clear coat on it.
Thanks for the replies.

And yes it does L@@k yummy..... lol

It is strange how many pieces of wood were patched into the head stock.

This guitar is as heavy as a Les Paul. The neck is low quality, but strait.
I think the neck was changed because the placement to the original
bridge was wrong. That makes me think it was changed. The tuners
were changed also. The tuners seem to be low quality.

It is probably someones project guitar. He probably refinished the body
and changed the neck and varnished it. Then, kids got a hold of it and
trashed it out.

When I got it, it had no pickups, bridge or saddle. The pots were trashed.
I think it had two strings on it, if I remember right.


Thanks Again,

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it almost looks like an Epiphone Special II but refinished natural with new hardware
Yeah its a no-name, parts look pretty poor.

As for the headstock, the wood glued to the sides is actually very normal, at the headstock is wider than the neck blanks used, even gibsons have them.
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