Okay, so basically I've got around $550 right now. I don't have an amp, but I also want a better guitar now that I'm decent enough to kinda play it. The amp I want is This One, but I'll pretty much just run my pedal into the insert in the back and use the amp head just to power the speakers and let the pedal control volume and effects. It's the same amp my guitar instructor had, and I loved it's tone. BUT I also want THIS guitar, mine I have now is the EC-50, and it's pretty badass for a cheap guitar, way better than any other for the same price, so I'm dying to have the "professional" one (EC-1000!) Anyways, right now I'm running my Digitech RP255 through my sound system at home to play, but I can't play anywhere else cause I haven't got an amp to play through at their house! I figure without an amp, there's no point in an expensive guitar. But I still want the guitar, and it's taken a long time to save up this much money being 16 and jobless. Opinions?
definately get the amp, because, like you pointed out, and expensive guitar is worthless without an amp and you cant go play anywhere other than your house
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Are you seriously asking this? Amp up man you can run shit pedals and a shit guitar through a good amp and sound decent but you can't run a top of the range guitar and pedals through a shit amp and come out expecting it to sound good plus you really should have already bought an amp, jam with mates and stuff like that.
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Yeah, Amp. Otherwise you'll have an awesome guitar that you STILL can't hear properly. If you wanna get some money out of this you could always sell your other guitar. Will at least get you started on saving for a new guitar.
An electric guitar without an amp is practically worthless. Adding another electric guitar to that isn't going to add much. However, adding an amp to that electric guitar is going to allow you to get more out of your guitar.
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Amp, definitely. I had a period where I went amp-less using my RP and some speakers. If you do that, you can't do shows or jam sessions, two of the best parts of music.

I amped up as soon as I could.

Yeah agreed. I guess I'm "amping up"