ohkayso...i wrote this a while back...i havent done much editing and stuff but i just wanna know what kinda start im off to with my song writing
any and all comments are welcome

your oblivious to all that is.
ignorence is bliss so shoot the kids.
cook the steak far past medium rare.
fair is foul and foul is fair.

progressive, innovative words of harmony
prepare your soul for a mind lobotamy
sights, sounds, and relative smells of somewhere
parade around my senses like a flying bear

degenerate, bite your lip, lie a bit, hell of it
irrelavent, travel sick, throw a fit, take a hit

eyes white, face green, you see the light
starlight is now obstructing sight
my mind boobytraps my brain, go insane
every time, chuckle loud, feel no pain

sun glare through stain glass not too appealing
not one to argue that your fish needs freeing
destroy my sheild with your piercing blank stare
break the egg shell that once was up there