idk i bought it two weeks ago, its a maison something and sounded great
when buying it i asked the dealer to lower the action after which i got fret buzz so i take it back, he raises the action by changing the saddle and then i get this problem, i even changed the strings... it still makes the sound when i play any string open and hard enough
the fret buzz is gone though, just this open string thing!
what to do?? cost me almost 250$ ..
and its an acoustic guitar btw
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im not sure what the problem is
probably something with the nut but if it only happens if its hard enough you know dont pluck hard enough
I have the same issue. Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix it, but I know the source of the problem. You seem to knkw that its not fret buzz, as do I. And yet everyone and their dog says it is. I have a Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT and I get the hiss from the e, but its coming from the bridge. I have a tune o matic bridge. I found out that its because for some reason, the screw to adjust the saddle's distance from the bridge becomes loose. I just twist it a little then back, but it can pose a problem because it happebs quite often. Next time I replace the strings, I'm gutting the bridge and figuring out how to fix the bastard. Good luck!