Hello all, I've been browsing these forums for years and finally had a series of questions that were still unanswered after searching.
Right off the bat I have a question concerning the new(er) Eden pedal. It has the 'legendary' enhance feature that I've always been in love with in other eden products. My first question might only be able to be answered by someone who has experienced it. Does this pedal accurately simulate the awesome compressed growl of Eden amps to an extent?

Now onto my main question with some background info. Currently my rig is a Mustang bass-tuner-big muff-LPB2ube(used as a grit adding boost)-Ampeg B200r Rocketbass Amp. I'm about to order the eden pedal not only for the idea of simulating Eden Amp, but for the compression/XLR factors, a an EHX LPB1. Reason being; to allow my LPB2 to be on at all times for the tube dynamics, and substitute the boost feature with the LPB1. Now here is where it gets sticky in my eyes/ears. I'm aware of the 'general' few effect pedal orders but since I will be having two "preamp" pedals i'm at a loss. I'm trying to figure out if i should put the LPB1 right infront of the LPB2 for some added tube grit then the big muff followed by the lpb1 and finally lpb2. Now I'm puzzled on where to put the Eden Preamp in the chain. Since it will be used mostly as a compressor/tone adjuster, I'd assume to throw it right after the tuner/before this order in theory achieve what I have in mind as far as tone shaping? Thanks, Zach.
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I hadn't realized that somehow i copied and pasted without noticing, making the whole thread virtually un-readable. sorry.