Not so much, "should I buy?", because the one I tried, I loved, I really did, my main question is, is it worth the asking price (£1599)? I'll be brutally honest, I don't know a great deal about Gibson, whether this was a good year or not, etc, I just know that it is a great guitar, tobacco burst, all original hardware, case included and in pretty good condition for a 29 year old guitar.

Can anyone here give me any better insight to LP's from this era?
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Sweet, seems kind of high on price. Unless it is custom, then you're getting a steal. Do you know anything more about it?
If you liked it, I don't see why you shouldn't get it. You could negotiate it down I guess, but you know.
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Check out a nice Burny LP from the same era for about half the price but of the about the same quality.

Example:- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Burny-LP-Custom-Tobacco-Sunburst-Guitar-MIJ-80s-/320669703397?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV

I love my Burny LP. :d
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Can't say I do, it's a Standard, 1982 all original, and that's about as much as I know! It's got some wood scratches on the back and a couple of dings, but nothing that has broke the paint work.
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He's asking too much IMO. I always try and buy secind hand guitars for no more than what I can sell them on for. If you couldn't get 1600 for it yourself, then I think you're paying too much. This approach has saved me a LOT of money.
If you like it, great. Throw him a really low offer and slowly work up. Offer him 1200, and maybe work up to 1400-1450.
I just think he's asking a little too much for it.
On the Burny suggestion, I agree. They are great guitars, as are the other 'Lawsuit' guitars.
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Check it out for every little minute flaw. If it has fret wear bring that up and argue it's going to cost you to have them leveled/replaced. Include the fact that you might change the pups etc etc. Any reason you can make to talk the price down. I would only pay what the guy is asking if it were mint in the original case.
I have an 82 Gibson Les Paul Custom that I got for $1200 that's pretty nice. Maybe isn't exactly the famous Page burst kind of feeling to it, but it is pretty great.
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its worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it. If you think its too much then bargin down. But if you loved it, then its really down to is that the price you'd put on it.
1982 gibson les paul standard if i may conclude this from the above.
i've never seen gibson les paul of this age go for less than 2300. worth to mention in euros in the netherlands.

in my opinion you'll be getting a great deal of that. older guitars are generally played in and it's probably produced with better quality. nowadays nearly everything is mass-produced and thuss cut back on something for the time's sake.
I'm going in tomorrow to have another look at it, so I'll see what they say about the price, although I think (it's either this one or another guitar they have) it's a commission sale, meaning I wouldn't have thought they could lower the price too much. But, I'll try.
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in my opinion you'll be getting a great deal of that. older guitars are generally played in and it's probably produced with better quality. nowadays nearly everything is mass-produced and thuss cut back on something for the time's sake.

This is a myth. Sure, there were great guitars made back in the days - but there sure as hell was some really ugly ones. Many of these vintage guitars are not worth it - vintage does not mean that they are good. Today you can get well made guitars out of Korea, like Schecter, for a price that is incredible. Mass-produced does not mean bad either. Mass produced can be very good if it means the quality are more consistent than on guitars that are made completely by hand. Just do not believe everything you read or hear about old guitars - get your own opinion;

If it plays good, then go for it if you think the price is reasonable.
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TS, if you played it at loved it, it doesn't matter if it was made in a "good year" if there really is such a thing, which I don't think there is. Sure, there are years where the guitars produced are famous, but if it's a good guitar, it's a good guitar, regardless of when it was made.

As for whether it's worth the asking price? I'd say it seems like a pretty mediocre deal. It's not from the '50s or '60s, so the increase in price is, IMO, not really too justified. I'd suggest playing some LP Standards to see if you can find any that feel as good to you, if you really want a Gibson, or try out a bunch of guitars (including Gibson) to see what you like best.