Hello good people. I'm finally in the market for a new amp. I'm currently on a little vox VT 15 modeling amp and was considering moving up to something with a more distinctive tone. I play almost entirely blues, although I do like to mess around with some classic rock/black keys type stuff on occasion.

Almost everyone I've talked to has recommended the Fender Blues Jr, but I was wondering if folks here could suggest anything in the same price range just for the sake of trying out all the options. I play an MIM strat upgraded with mightymite single coils. Budget is pretty firm at around $500 USD (maybe a smidge over with tax and whatnot)

~ C
I had a blue junior texas red for a while n loved it. Could get some great tones out of it with my strat but I ended up selling it as it was way too loud for a practice amp/jamming in my flat. Depends what you're gonna use it for - gigging/practice?
I've been looking for a new tube amp and I've got a bit of a hard on for the Blackstar HT-5. Maybe worth checking out
Look at a Marshall Haze 40. It's a bit above your price range but I've played one and it makes my limited blues chops sound quite tasty. A fender hot rod delux is also worth a look. Again a little over your price range, but well worth it. Just make sure you get TUBES!!!!!!! I promise you a good tube amp will be the best thing to get a more distinctive tone.