im learning how to use guitar pro . but there seem to be a few glitches .

my question is about musical direction symbols and do they not work right
in the program ?

i try to use them over repeat endings and they do not go through correct
amount of times .

nor do coda symbols work
I never use them. I copy past what I need to be repeated. I think you should precise the version of guitar pro you are using.
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1: using guitar pro 5 ,

2:definition < Da capo al coda (D.C. al coda) means to return to the beginning and play to the coda symbol and when you reach it, you jump to the coda:

when i have this (D.C. al coda) at the end , and the coda symbol somewhere near the beginning it does not stop at the coda symbol and it only lets you use 1 symbol .

and there is no explanation in guitar pro on how to use there musical direction symbols
and meanings . < explanation would be more useful then anything >