How should I set which pedal comes first etc
My pedals:
Big muff
boss rc20xl
way huge aqua puss
boss sd1
boss tuner
dunlop eq
Bigshot efx true bypass effects loop switcher
and mooger fooger phaser

I want the boss sd1 and tuner to go through the true bypass effects loop switcher so it doesnt suck my tone
help please
well whats your amp and guitar?
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its common that all of your "time based" effects (delay, reverb, phase, chorus) should go towars the end of your chain. things such as distortion should be towards the front. i usually put eq and compression early in the chain also. as far as WHERE your time based fx go, its purely taste.
I took the boss sd 1 out of the chain, and big muff.
I have it right now as eq, delay, loop, effects bypass with the tuner inside of that. How's that sound