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Does anyone know of an item that you can put on a hard case somehow, that has storage space for books, etc.? There's a small amount of space in the case in the usual under the neck spot, but it's a pain having to carry a guitar, amp, and real book separately, and it usually means that I make two trips for no reason. I've tried, and it won't fit in my amp. I suppose I could always just carry it in a separate bag, but I'd rather everything be together. Thanks.
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I use the space in the back of my amp. Its only 30 watts but you can fit alot in there .
there's a small version of the real books, its so small it might even fit in your pockets
i dont know anything that you could put on your guitar case, but maybe u could build something on your speaker cab? :S
It sounds like you want a fanny pack for your guitar case. Just use a backpack, that what i do for carrying practically everything
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If you are talking about an electric guitar, I suppose you could put you hard case inside an acoustic guitar gig bag that has pockets, but it sounds like a long way around to nowhere. Get yourself a small backpack and put your accessories in there.
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