Just like the title says I need some help with settings. Looking either a few or one that covers all the bases. I play a lot of metal / melodic / alternative. So far I have not been able to receive the sound I want. I'm looking for some pretty good clarity but I also want the CHUG!

Now for guitars: I have a Schecter C-1+ that currently has an EMG 81-Bridge & DEAN-Neck. (This is changing as I post this. Either I'm going to buy another EMG 85 (lost first in a move) for the neck, or go with Seymour Duncan Blackouts)

I also have an Ibanez RG series with EMG designed inactives, nothing too special but the neck is so damn nice.

Pedals: Just one a Digitech GNX3. Before/if anyone wants to crash on my gear I don't really care. I'm getting back into guitar after not playing for close to three years. Started in 02 and stopped in 08. Most of my gear is from High School days, and to clarify I have obtained a hatred for my Digitech Pedal. I prefer BOSS or Line 6 Pod.

So settings for the MG100 HDFX would GREATLY be appreciated!!! When I say greatly I really mean IMMENSELY!

Thanks ahead of time guys and girls!
This thread will get locked i'm afraid , the rules say no setting threads. There is a 'tone testing' thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1296000&highlight=tone+testing that you might wanna use.

Ultimately the amp isn't all that great, so it's gonna be hard to get any great tones, just mess with your pedals and the amps EQ. Set all the EQs to the middle and then start to tweak them till it starts sounding good to you.
Well thanks, I couldn't find the threads other specified about gear. So I just figured this would be the one.

If I go for an ultimate clarity EQ setting, do you think the Duncan Blackouts would be enough to balance that out and give me some "chug" I'm looking for.? The EMG's are just too clear for the amp I'm afraid and me being a student lacks cash for a new amp.
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Run the GNX3's amp models into the MG's FX return. Bypass that dreadful preamp.
Or keep the pedals and guitars, sell off the MG, get a better amp like a Vypyr.

I will definitely try this.
You're ultimately not going to get much chug from an MG. They're dreadfully thin sounding.

I'd recommend saving and replacing the whole stack eventually.
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