Hey guys,
Trying to find the right guitar for me, I have narrowed the options to the ESP KH-606 and the ESP M1000 deluxe.

Can anyone tell me the differences, advantages, disadvantages and any other information.
My budget is exactly enough for any one of the 2.

Thanks alot, ohh i forgot to mension I play mostly metallica so yeah the kh is probably better but I still want to find out more so thanks.
They are pretty similar. The main difference between the guitars are the pickups. the m-1000 has dual EMG 81's which is what Kirk used for most of his career until recently (he now has a 60 in the neck). Also the kh has an extra volume knob but that doesn't make much of a difference. If both are in the same price range, just go with whichever you think looks better and whichever pickup combo you prefer. I myself have an MH-1000 and it's a pretty nice guitar.