anyone know if those build your own jazz bass kit from guitar fettish are decent as a starting point?

i planed on atleast upgrading the bridge and pickups.. and the tuners if need be
I don't know anything about hte bass kits in particular but the guitar kits seem to be of alright quality. the stock parts are CRAP though. but if your upgrading the pups and bridge anyway you should do alright.
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I haven't looked into the kits, but it sounds to me that it would be better to just buy a decent bass with the money in the first place.

I understand if you'd want one to practice modding, but even then you could get a really cheap bass and start from scratch, which would be more beneficial. Or get a half decent bass and mod one or two things.
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I've put together one these kits and they were alright but I'd rather get a carvin kit.
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As somebody who is in the process of finishing one (The neck screws don't like me ), I can say that it is not a bad kit at all.

There are some minor things I didn't like (The pickguard needs to be cut/filed more if you change the pickups, the body wood is terrible, and the bridge and strings that come with the kit are horrible.), but if you are upgrading the bridge and pickups, you should be fine.

I recommend reading up on building the kit though if you decide to get one, as there are no instructions.
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