i know all of the regular chords, most maj/min, and some diminished chords and have gotten very quick at transitioning. i practice dynamics and can play a wide range and am good with tempo, rhythm, and strumming. i normally make up my own tunes but ive learned body in a box-city and colour and little lion man-mumford and sons for a talent show. i know a few others too.

im no good at finger picking and i dont know any scales.

ive been playing seriously for about...4 months. have i made good progress? strange question, sorry!
Well, knowing the chords is a good start, but I'd want to hear you play something. That's where the proof in the pudding is.
Yer if haven't had any prior musical experience that's good progress if you had that would be a horrible learning curve.
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man don't ask something like taht, it doesn't matter how much you progess in 4 months xDlol
do it for tha loooooooooovee!
There are many factors which could influence your progress. Whether or not you have a teacher, your quantity and quality of practice and whether or not you've played an instrument before. If you take a hundred guitar players who have all been 'playing' for 4 months there will be a wide spectrum of ability.

In the end it doesn't really matter what we think. If you're happy with the progress you've made then good, if you're not, do something about it.