Well, as the title gives away, i'm looking for either a decent amp head or combo for my rig. My current rig is; crate gt1200h + matching cab, gibson melody maker, epiphone les paul standard plus top.

I like to play a diverse range of music, but the sound i'm really looking for is a decent 60's surf rock sound, and a decent jangely punk sound (like dirty pretty things, and green day).

I have a little bit of money lying around from my birthday, not much of a budget..but hopefully i can get closer to the sound i want. I may be able to sell my current amp head for €100-€150, so if there's something that that extra money could afford that's really perfect, then i might be able to afford it.

also, before people flame me, i know i won't be getting something to rival top marshal's etc, but i really can't stick my current crate head.
For surf rock you're gonna need good splashy reverb, (used) Blues Jr is good for this, for more distortion you're gonna have to add pedal, you should also check Crate V33 head.
I've heard way too many horror stories about bugera to confidently buy one (which is a pity, because their 1960 model sounds awesome imo, but i just can't have something that unreliable).

I've been trying to find a blues jr in my local area but to no avail...

I don't think i would like to use crate again...from my experience they tend to be overly boomy....the treble gets lost in the bass and mids a little (again, in my opinion).

I checked out a fender mustang v head and thought that looked rather good...anything i should know about them ?? I can get one for €269 which isn't half bad in fairness