At the moment I'm getting a list together for parts I'm going to need for my Tele Deluxe build later this year, but I'm not sure what neck, bridge, or tuners to get. The thing is, I need something good quality, but doesn't cost me a lot, (don't we all?) and these can cost a lot as I've seen.

How are Mighty Might necks? I haven't heard much about them, but I'm a bit skeptical about them since they're cheaper. I'm also looking at Warmoth, but they're a bit on the more expensive side. (As far as necks go, I'd like the CBS Strat shape if possible.)

I'm just looking at flat mounting bridges, no trem. I've been looking at a flat mounting Gotoh bridge from Stew Mac (http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_non-trem_bridges/Gotoh_Hardtail_Bridge.html) Any thoughts? Could I get it cheaper or is there a better suggestion?

I don't really know much about tuners, but I've been looking at some Gotohs from either Stew Mac or Warmoth. But like I said, I don't know much about tuners, but I'm looking at a closed back, modern style tuner. Again, these can't be too expensive.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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