A song I recorded. Oviously the drums are samples that I've pieced together, but all other instruments (keyboards and guitars) are played by me.

Um, yea, and C4C ofc.
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Great! Listening to stuff on this forum is awesome haha. A little before that keyboard solo, I think that the far away kind of ambience stuff could stand to be a little more pronounced/clear. Just a tad. Also, the guitar rhythm seemed to punch me in the ear a little haha. It was very loud and very sudden imo. And it kind of drowned out your solo which I enjoyed very much. :P

Actually, the rhythm sound did quiet down a little after that little solo section. I'm not sure if you intended that, but I think having it that quiet the whole way through would be better for your solo. :P I love the ending, and the whole song is excellent. Well done.