I purchased a Yamaha G-225 a while ago. The G and B and high E stings were nylon and the other three were metal. The strings were quite worn so I decided to restring it. I purchased "D'Addario EJ16-10P Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings" and I restrung my guitar. However, it took quite a bit of effort, especially with the low E and D strings to get them tight. I really REALLY had to turn to get them in tune.

The result is the string seem very tight and the action appears to be very high. The strings sound pretty good and they stay in tune however I have to really push down on the strings to get them to touch the fretboard both because they are so taught and the action has become so high.

Did I restring incorrectly? Did I use the wrong strings?
If it doesn't have truss rod... You might have just killed you neck...
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when in doubt, adjust the truss rod.

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Yeah, you totally used the wrong strings. If a guitar comes with plain nylon strings for the top 3, the bottom 3 are usually just nickelwound nylon strings. Try again with a set of nylon strings. Hope that helps!
get rid of those strings NOW! The tension needs to be stopped as fast as possible!!! The Yamaha G-225 is a classical guitar, not a steel-string guitar!! There is no metal truss rod in the neck to shore it up! You may have done permanent damage to the neck! Hurry up and get them off of there and get a set of classical guitar strings, the nylon kind!!
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listen to 1500 meanstreak - get those strings off asap!
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