Hi, I was looking over how to form chords from major scales but ran into something i find confusing so maybe one of the theory buffs can help me. So i know you just use a 1,3,5 format after making your scale. so in C it would be
but this is where the problem comes in. The next thing I would do is BDF=B something but neither the Major nor minor can be made without F# when i checked online is said B Diminished but i dont understand why this is or why and how the formula changes. Could someone explain pleeease?
It's because of the intervals between the first and fifth degrees.

B to F# has the same amount of half steps in that interval as A to E, and all the others. Since you can't have a sharp in the key of C major, and the fifth has to be an F note, it would be an F natural. A perfect interval lowered one half step becomes a diminished interval (just like it would become augmented if raised the same amount).

Major and minor refer to the interval between the root and third degree (in terms of a chord), and the fifth is implied to be perfect because there is nothing saying otherwise, so there is no reason to say Cmaj5, or something like that--in this case.

Does that help, or should I go into more detail? (I'm about to head out for a family member's birthday, so it'll be a bit)
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Oh sorry, but that link might help ya.
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its all about intervals. The reason B doesnt have major or minor in the C major scale is because from B to F, there is only 6 halfsteps, as opposed to the 7 halfsteps for a Perfect fifth. Any PERFECT interval lowered a halfstep is known as a diminished. The Diminished Chord formula is 1 b3 b5, as opposed to minor being 1 b3 5.
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