So I've recently traded up and got my first Marshall (1923C combo) and went back to the ole stop boxes. Trouble is, I needed a pedal board for the few that I'll be using but didn't want to spend an arm and leg on a PedalTrain with a Voodoo Lad power supply. So I researched it a bit on the net and came up with my version of the Ikea GORM shelf pedal board. It took a few days with all the painting and filling I did and the overall cost was a little more than expected, but still, it's looks killer and it's totally functional. Hope you like this post.

So I started out like most who want to build their own pedal board. There was a lot of great ideas on the net and tons of different designs. I wanted something cheap but durable and had the cool factor to it. So I hit up my local Ikea and grabbed a GORM shelving unit with some spare lumber on the cheap. About $15 for the wood. I had a general layout that I wanted and tried it out

Then I carefully pulled the shelf apart (comes pre-assembled) and started filling in all the holes

I wanted to strengthen the bottom board because I wanted something a little more durable. Especially on the part that sits on the floor. I dry fit the pieces together and cut a spare board to length to sit under the first board. A little carpenters glue and a few screws got her together nicely. I even went as far as adding dowel into both pieces for that extra strength.

Now the fun part. I had some extra plywood lying around and decided to make the sides enclosed. I just traced the outline of the sides (Ikea wood isn't exactly great quality) and cut it out with a circular saw. A little carpenters glue, a few screws, and PILOT holes worked wonders

All screw heads were countersunk and filled with wood filler. A few coats if they're too deep and a good sanding does wonders. All spacing between pieces of lumber were also filled and sanded. Any two pieces of wood together also had carpenters glue between them.

Next, I picked a high gloss red spray paint and painted the frame up. It dried pretty quick so I didn't have to waste too much time on this stage.

Next, I wanted a cross member to add strength and stability to the centre of the board. I pre-drilled ALL holes on the boards otherwise the wood would split. The cross member was held in place with glue, and L-brackets to the first board and the back board.

I used high strength Velcro brand hook and loop fasteners for the top 3 boards. This was the most expensive part of the project. You'll need 2 boxes (about $20 each) to cover the tops. Looks good once it's done. After they were attached, I fastened some metal handles to the sides for easy carrying

Now for the cool factor. Trailer Trash pedalboards are amazing with their lighted bases. I wanted that effect on the cheap, so I grabbed myself a 6' rope light (Christmas decoration). Unfortunately, it's hard to find any Christmas decor in late March, so I did some more reading. You can dye rubber easily with some fabric dye and boiling water. The clear rubber turned a nice blue after just 4-5 minutes of soaking

I drilled a 1 3/4" hole in the left side of the side plate and fed a heavy duty extension cord inside. Fastened to the back board with black zip ties, now the board is powered. I also attached the rope light to the bottom and plugged that into the extension cord. Now, all I have to do is plug in the one end, and the board is lit and the pedals are powered

Here's the underside of the board all finished and plugged in. All pedals had the other side of the velcro attached to their bottoms and placed on the board. The finished product is functional and looks pretty cool. Took some time and money but I've got the set up I wanted with lots of room to add if I need. Not a hard project at all if you're willing to put the time in.
looks sick man!
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Nice! Looking very neat and useful, especially with the lighting and the handle addition.
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