Hey, I wasn't too sure where to post this, or even what to call it...basically I want some sort of system which I can plug my guitar into, get some effects thrown in, and than plug into my amp.

The thing is, instead of having something like say the POD or a BOSS floor processor, I want something that I can plug into my computer to adjust the effect and throw new ones in, all during a gig. From what I've seen in my googling, many people suggest Ableton Live for these types of things, but I'm still confused as to how to get the software to interact with the guitar signal in a live setting.

So what interface/software is recommended? I had also envisioned somehow attaching a midi controller with knobs/sliders (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Korg-Nano-KONTROL-Black-105307938-i1435763.gc) to control different effects and filters.

Any suggestions? Or am I just letting my imagination go?
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axe fx

that looks like it would perfectly, but it's also $2000...

anything $500 or less that would work? Mind you, I only really need an interface to connect to Ableton Live 8, not an "all in one stand-alone."
unless you want to run a labtop on stage spmething like that or just a multieffects pedal are your options the vox tonelabs are pretty nice and you can record with em and plug it into the comp to modify settings
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You can use a laptop to do this with Boss, Digitech, and Line 6 floor units. They all have software control over FX.