Hey guys


Check out the idea I had for a song

Its in latvian so u won't understand a word

vocals sound so shitty cuz they're recorded through a digital camera

also there's a lot of pitch correction
I can't hold a note

I didn't work so hard on this recording and you can hear just a sample of it

I just want to know if the song is good enough for spending money to record it in a studio

I hope to find somebody who could sing it for me
Well it's hard to judge the '' idea of the song '' without understanding a word...

So what we can do is give our opinion about the recording but you say you didn't work hard on it?...

What are you waiting from us then?... loll...

Your drum is not enough loud in my opinion mostly cymbal (Crash)...

Your acoustic at the beginnig (the tone) is amazing... ! Fit perfectly with the bass... Even if that one sound to me like a midi one?...

The tone of the guitar is a bit to much crunchy?...

I like the vocal when it's more deep and low... I think you should just after this part scream it LOUD and HIGH with the drum filling in... That would make the song sound a bit less sad?... And with the part of lead coming right after ... A high vocal would be great to fill in with the lead part...

For the studio option? I suggest you wait and get more song... Maybe ten? Or more? Like this you'll be able to choose which song you want...

Otherwise i don't know what to say... Great job! Even if you say the quality is low i liked it!

Keep it up!

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By "idea" I meant pretty much just the chord progressions and the vocal melody

But thanks for the crit

I'll probably re-record this

Maybe it would sound better with just an acoustic guitar and some bongos?