About 1.5 year ago I broke my left ring finger and little finger which hurt my guitar plyaing alot. Especially the little finger keep getting "stuck" but I've lost alot of speed and agility in both of them and it doesnt seem to get better than it is now.

Lately I've been thinking about if I maybe should switch from playing right-handed to left-handed instead. I've tried to play a bit like a lefty just to get a feel for it and the picking feels natural and my picking technique is almost as good in my right hand as it is in my left and I can "translate" the songs I can pick with my right to my left on the fly but the right hand is a problem. It doesnt feel natural at all and I cant translate it either, atleast not now, so I'd probably had to start from the beginning there.

Anyone got any experience with something similar? How did it go? Did it feel more natrual after while when you got used to it?
Yep, I started out lefty but changed to righty..
You'll notice all the advantages of having your dominant hand on the fret board but the picking hand is harder to master, especially keeping it in sync with the other hand..
Django reinhardt only played with 2 fingers.. and he was fking awesome!

Do what ever you feel most comfortable with in the end... Obviously gyspy jazz guitar playing is "a bit" different from what YOU might play.
one of my friends lost a finger and switched to lefty, definitely possible. Join us!
Lefties Unite!
One of my friends table-sawed his left pinky off a year ago and is still switching to lefty, it takes a while.
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)